The week in Massively features

Michael Zenke
M. Zenke|04.21.08

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The week in Massively features
MMOGology: Gamerz is speshul
Marc Nottke looks into research covering the social problems online gamers can face.
Anti-Aliased: Gentlemen! Behold! Chocobos & Static Parties!
Colin Brennan argues for the great possibilties offered up by Final Fantasy XI.
MMOS X: A roundup of MMOs for the Mac
Marc Crump runs down a list of MMOs compatible with Apple's slick-looking OS.
Massively video exclusive: Villain epic archetypes
Our exclusive video introduction to the City of Villains epic Archetypes.
Massively Speaking Podcast Episode 1
The first episode of Massively's brand-new podcast is live!
Exclusive screenshots of Vanguard's new racial mounts
Check out our exclusive screenshots of Vanguard's new racial mounts.
TV shows that could be MMOs: Battlestar Galactica
Akela argues for a Battlestar MMO.
VEAT Video Analysis - a villain's perspective
Analysis of our City of Villains video exclusive.
Player vs. Everything: Factions should matter
Cameron Sorden opines on Factions.
Player vs. Everything: Coolest classes ever
And does the same about cool/unique classes in MMOs.
The Digital Continuum: Cinematic combat
Kyle Horner argues for over-the-top combat.
As the Worlds Turn: Birth of a New Era
Adam Schumacher notes the changing times and tastes of MMO gamers.
Making/Money: The Wisdom of MMO Banking
Alexis Kassan delves into the topic of banking as it might apply to MMO worlds.
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