The Outland daily circle

Daniel Whitcomb
D. Whitcomb|04.23.08

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The Outland daily circle
With Phase 4 upon us, The options for dailies are pretty much long and endless. Of course, with a daily limit of 25 dailies, you can end up doing most of them anyways, and while certainly don't try to spring for 25 dailies every day, I still do my fair share of dailies. About once or twice a week, I do what I have come to call my Outland Circle. All three of my characters have all the daily hubs unlocked, so between Ogri'la, the Skyguard, the Netherwing, and the Shattered Sun Offensive, I can get a lot done.

It starts with a trip to the Isle of Queldanas. I'll be sure to pick up the Ata'mal Armament and Discovering Your Roots quests. If I have a few hours, I'll do all the Isle dailies while I'm there. Then, I teleport back to Shattrath, and pick up all the various Shattered Sun Dailies. I'll also pick up the cooking daily, unless it's Skettis, because I do not like Skettis, and I pretty sure the feeling is mutual.

From there, I fly to Shadowmoon Valley. Generally, I will head down to the Netherwing Ledge, where I will head into the mines and grab my daily quota of Nethermine Ravagers and Flayers, as well as collect some Nethermine Cargo. It's pretty annoying that skinning all those ravagers and flayers doesn't net me any Nether Residue (whereas on the other hand, you can get some from skinning The Big Bad Wolf in Karazhan), but I still get a few good stacks of Knothide Leather, and I save the Nethermine Flayer Hides and Netherwing Crystals over a few days until I have enough to turn in. I'll also pick up the Disrupting the Twilight Portal quest for later. Then I'll head up to the Ata'mal Terrace and grab 5 armaments.

I head North to Hellfire Peninsula. Here, I will get the needed roots from the south, then head north to the Throne of Kil'jaedan and finish the perpetually Missing Magistrix's Blood for Blood and Blasting the Gateway quests. From there, it is north again to the Netherstorm. I'll settle in at Manaforge B'naar and kill Blood Elves until I have my plans. If the cooking dailiy was gathering berries, I'll get those before I leave the zone.

After that, I will head to Blade's Edge Mountains. After grabbing the Smuggled Mana Cells, I will head over to Ogri'la and the Skyguard Outpost, where I will generally play some Simon, bomb some cannonballs, and wrangle a few Aether Rays. Sometimes I'll also banish demons, especially if I want to farm some Marks of Sargeras or Motes of Fire (the elementals in the south seem to drop them pretty often). I'll also cook up some Demon Broiled Surprise, should I have that cooking dailiy.

From there, it's south again, down to Nagrand. Here, I'll don the goggles (don't don the goggles until you get into the zone so you get the buff properly. I had trouble with this at first) and search around Oshu'gun for the gas clouds. Then I'll cook up some Spiritual Soup if I have that daily. Finally, I'll go kill a bunch of Deathshadow Agents in the far west of the zone around the Twilight Portal. Not only is it a good chunk of Netherwing reputation, but I find they seem to have a very nice drop rate on Fel Armaments and Marks of Sargeras, which is helpful, since my Hunter is not yet exalted with the Aldor.

After all that's done, I can return to Shattrath and turn in all the quests there, then head to the Isle of Quel'danas to turn in my Razorthorn Roots and Cleansed Ata'mal Metal before hearthing back or looking for a Magister's Terrace group or doing whatever else I want to do for the day. Sometimes I'll fly back to Shadowmoon Valley to turn in Disrupting the Twilight Portal, other times I'll just let it sit in my quest log until I do my next circle.

The Outland daily circle is probably one of my new favorite activities to do in WoW. The mob and quest types are varied enough that I always have a variety of stuff to do, and I can add or subtract dailies as I want to based on time and preference.

The rewards are lucrative as well. The Shattered Sun Supplies might have a Badge of Justice and always have a nice green item for me to pass on to my disenchanter. While getting the Sunfury Attack Plans, I generally get an Arcane Tome and a few Sunfury Signets. Grabbing the Smuggled Mana Cells nets me quite a few Motes of Mana from the Phase Wyrms, and I can expect some Motes of Fire off the fire elementals in Hellfire Peninsula and Blade's Edge Mountains. As mentioned, the cultists over by the portal in Nagrand cough up Fel Armaments and Marks of Sargeras. I also generally come out of the Netherwing mines with all the fixings for a good stack of Ravager Dogs. Add on to that all the straight up gold, and I figure this is a nice little semi-weekly ritual that ought to leave me well prepared with a lot of spending money for WoTLK.

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