GW 2008 RAWR Cup Tournament results

Shawn Schuster
S. Schuster|04.24.08

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GW 2008 RAWR Cup Tournament results
The results are in for the 2008 RAWR Cup Title Series Spring Tournament in Guild Wars. In this second tournament of the series, we are treated to some improvements over last December's contest. The members of the guild Rebel Rising [rawr] in conjunction with GuildCafe, decided to make this edition of the cup into more of a community run event by creating a special GuildCafe Tournament Committee.

But more importantly, make sure you check out the in-depth article about this tournament written by Guild Wars Guru Senior Moderator "Billiard" over at the main Guild Wars website. He gives an extensive play-by-play report on many of the major events during the tournament, as well as some insight into effective and not-so-effective strategies that were used.
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