Forum post of the day: Docking DKP

Amanda Dean
A. Dean|04.27.08

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Forum post of the day: Docking DKP

To function properly, all guilds must have rules for participation, gear, and general order. Since the ancient MMORPG days, many guilds have assigned Dragon Kill Points (DKP) to players for their participation in raids and events. The points are turned in for gear rewards from raids. Some guilds dock DKP for members that do not meet their standards. Aerte of Blackrock has questioned the wisdom of his guild's policy on this practice for a member that had regularly violated the rules.

The conundrum begins with the statement. "Recently we had a member quit who during the course of his rather brief stay managed to have about 130 DKP docked for various infractions. Not showing up specced properly, gems unacceptable, enchants unacceptable or non-existent, bad attitude....etc..." The original poster expressed that this may not be the best way to keep players in line.

Responses seemed to fall into two categories, neither of which support docking DKP as a disciplinary practice. Some recommended skipping DKP docking all together because there is too much discretion in enforcement. Others suggested benching raiders that fail to follow rules or dismissing them for consistent infractions. Since raids are usually carefully choreographed, it's important for everyone to carry their own weight.

Ciaree of Khazgoroth suggested that perhaps rather than using penalties, all raiders who meet the requirements of the game are given DKP for meeting each criteria. For example showing up on time, with the proper gear, and the correct spec might award players three DKP before the raid even begins. This method uses positive reinforcement rather than punishment to resolve the problem.

How does your guild handle those who are not prepared?

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