New Second Life release candidate viewer: 1.20(RC5)

Tateru Nino
T. Nino|05.01.08

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New Second Life release candidate viewer: 1.20(RC5)

Linden Lab has released the sixth 1.20 Second Life release candidate viewer. Release candidates start counting from zero, so the first one in the series is RC0.

Mighty Mouse users, rejoice. We're told that this release fixes your problems using this release with the device. As for everyone else, 8 specific crash fixes and a fixed problem that caused serious problems with some nVidia drivers -- well, that should raise a few smiles!


  • Rename link to "Forgot your name or password?" on client login
  • Allow the background color for Inventory treeview control to be set in colors_base.xml
  • Added nVidia MCP78 to gpu table


  • Fixed: VWR-1843: Inappropriate to offer a default folder name with non-ASCII characters for Make Outfit
  • Fixed: VWR-5869: Broken BVH Animation upload causes dialog / interface error, and crash
  • Fixed: VWR-6402: llTargetOmega resets prim to ZERO_ROTATION
  • Fixed: VWR-6343: 1.20 causes fatal driver instability with some nVidia drivers
  • Fixed: VWR-6368: Camera reset when build floater closes
  • Fixed: VWR-6603: Immediate crash when upload image .jpg
  • Fixed: VWR-6668: Eliminate inconsistent help text for Preferences > Graphics panel
  • Fixed: VWR-6674: Basic shaders setting causes world (or sea) to go black
  • Fixed: crash from glMapBuffer returning 0
  • Fixed: crash in LLVOVolume::sculpt - newview/llvovolume.cpp
  • Fixed: crash in LLFace::renderSelected.
  • Fixed: crash in LLImageRaw::copyLineScaled
  • Fixed: crash in LLImageBase::generateMip
  • Fixed: crash after quitting to desktop on Mac
  • Fixed: 1.20 consistently crashing with ctrl-alt-T in ReleaseNoOpt
  • Fixed: text colors for Script Errors/Warnings are illegible
  • Fixed: Primary clicks toggle flycam with Mighty Mouse
  • Fixed: Voice waves render choppy
  • Fixed: Multi-prim attachments appear to be exploded when worn.

Localization Fixes

  • Fixed: Added new translation strings for German, Korean, Japanese
  • Fixed: put cleanly-formed Portuguese files (Beta) back into the viewer
  • Partial Fix: VWR-6608: Revert Japanese and Korean translations of Joystick Monitor, due to monospace font which cannot display them

Known issues:
* There are known truncation issues in German, Korean and Japanese strings, which should be fixed in the Final Candidate
* VWR-6896: Crash when using Advanced >Rendering > Info Displays > Lights selected (and other Info Displays)
* Crash when using Advanced >Character > Show Collision Plane
* A black border appears if you have Basic Shaders enabled (Preferences > Graphics) AND have set the Advanced debug setting RenderGlow = true
* Camera is placed underworld if you edit terrain in flycam mode with a 3dconnexion SpaceNavigator

Release candidate viewers access your live account on the main Second Life grid (Agni). Potentially they may cause hair-loss in pets, and should be always be kept out of reach of children. The downloads are served by Amazon's S3 service and we use and recommend the use of a download manager to keep your download times to a minimum.

You can download this viewer from the usual place. The download for Windows is 34MB, Mac OSX is 72MB, and Linux is 55MB.

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