Around Azeroth: The bloodening (plus a contest!)

Elizabeth Wachowski
E. Wachowski|05.02.08

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Around Azeroth: The bloodening (plus a contest!)

Don't kids grow up so fast these days? Especially when you feed them one of Papa Hummel's Old Fashioned Pet Biscuits. Shikozu of <Fallen Ghosts> on Altar of Storms snapped this photo of her blood elf orphan right before Child Protective Services took her in for questioning.

Now onto the contest. As you may have heard, the latest entry in a popular series of video games came out this week, and there was much rejoicing. Except from me. Because while I love these games, I am terrible at them, and end up giving up after about five missions and seeing how many times I can drive cars over pedestrians or attack shopkeepers with katanas before the cops catch me. If only there was a way to have the mayhem of GTA with the simplicity of WoW ...

... which leads into a new screenshot idea: Grand Theft Azeroth! Glitchstravaganza was such a success, I decided to try another user-submission gambit. But this time, I'd like to see you doing evil things in the fashion of the GTA series. Jacking mounts. "Mugging" guildmates. Slaughtering innocent critters. Crashing zeppelins. Running your orphan through hot lava. Whatever your evil heart desires.

Send your Grand Theft Azeroth screenshots, with a one-paragraph-or-less explanation, to by noon ET on Wednesday, May 7. The five best entries will go up for a vote on Thursday, with the winner to be announced the following Monday. The winner will be held up for universal acclaim and will receive a spot of honor in the AA gallery. Remember to include your name, guild and server if you want them included. We prefer full screenshots without the UI. And please, no more sunsets ... unless they're over a bloody corpse! Muahahaha!

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