TR's Feedback Friday throws us all a curveball

Shawn Schuster
S. Schuster|05.02.08

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TR's Feedback Friday throws us all a curveball
In this week's installment of Tabula Rasa's Feedback Friday, we get quite a shock. It seems the game's lead designer, Paul Sage will be relocating within the company to a new project. This promotes Tom Potter to a new rank as Lead Designer, and this announcement is our first glimpse into his visions for the future of TR.

To be quite frank, most of what he tells us is what we've been hearing for a long, long time. We'll have PAUs, we'll have Clan-owned Control Points, we'll have better AI, and crafting, and truly balanced classes, etc. We just wonder if this change of the guard is going to end up being good or bad for the game. It seems change would be a good thing at this point, considering the level of disappointment we hear from players in the major forums, but are Tom Potter's ideas going to be enough?

Judging from his first public address on the matter, we say yes. He seems to be a straightforward guy who tells it like it is, instead of telling us what he thinks we need to hear. He realizes the problems in the game and is setting priorities to resolve them. But again, will it be enough? Will it bring back all the people who are fed up with the wait?
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