EverQuest 2 Game Update 45 gives love to the Coercer

Michael Zenke
M. Zenke|05.03.08

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EverQuest 2 Game Update 45 gives love to the Coercer
Yesterday when we noted the final patch notes for Game Update 45 on the EverQuest 2 test server, we neglected to mention one of the biggest changes: major tweaks to the Coercer class. The official patch preview on the EQ2 Players site makes it clear these changes represent a fundamental shift for the class. Possession spells have been improved all around, the material components used to control the Coercer's pet have been removed entirely, and Puppetmasters have gained the use of another pet.

This blogger is hardly an expert on every EQ2 class, though, so we turned to the real experts on the forums to see their reaction. In all it looks like the Coercing community is behind these decisions. The Active on Test thread is the epicenter for commentary, so be sure to check that out. Forum poster zuzer offers up some directed responses, while poster Kneemin opened up a thread discussing how these changes will effect PvP. For more details than you might be able to handle, check out XFnarX's screenshots of the new spells and his damage-tracking charts from the test server.

Thanks to Massively commenter Mufflon for pointing out our lapse.
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