Non-Earthbound ESRB ratings fly high [update]

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Okay, so they aren't Earthbound. That one got its own post (and, we hope, its own release sooner than ESRB-rated gems like Pro Wrestling and Zombies Ate My Neighbors). Even though we're all tired from freaking out about Shigesato Itoi's sci-fi RPG, a bunch of awesome game ratings that would normally cause us to freak out have as yet gone un-freaked-out-about, on both Virtual Console and WiiWare.

The biggest news for us on the VC: Super Dodge Ball. It's probably the NES game, but there's an outside chance it's the Neo Geo game. Either way, we love Aksys. And from SNK, Samurai Shodown II and Metal Slug.

WiiWare's ratings range from expected to thrilling. Among the games found on the ESRB website that were not yet confirmed for U.S. release, Dr. Mario Wii and Family Ping Pong stand out. Other new ratings include Gyrostarr, Pop, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King, V.I.P Casino: Blackjack, and Magnetica Twist (Minna de Puzzloop).

[Update: removed reference to Donkey Kong Country 3. Not sure why that was mixed in with the recent ratings, or why I forgot it was already out. Well, I know why I forgot about it.]
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