State of the Tradeskills in EverQuest 2

Michael Zenke
M. Zenke|05.03.08

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State of the Tradeskills in EverQuest 2
Earlier this week, EverQuest 2 crafting designer Domino laid out a fantastic 'state of the tradeskills' document on the official forums. The lengthy post delves into crafting changes going all the way back to Game Update 36, just after Neriak and the Arasai were added to the game. Some of those old notes will definitely bring back fond memories - and some interesting links as well! Domino linked to, for example, an interview with Gnobrin about Neriak house items, a Rise of Kunark faction guide for crafters, and of course her developer diaries from the days of Kunark's testing.

Domino also offers up EQ2 players an advance look of what's coming for crafters in GU 45, and out into the future. We've already discussed crafting changes in the next patch, so what's out beyond that?
  • The addition of imbues to lower level armor sets. Most lower level sets are currently not able to be imbued.
  • The addition of 'missing' equipment to lower levels, filling holes in crafter's repetoires.
  • Revisiting mastercrafted jewelry, and hex doll stats.
  • Revisting cloth and leather crafted armor appearances.
  • And, of course, more quests!
  • From the maybe list: big changes to adornments - if time permits.
Make sure to check out the full post to enjoy this great retrospective.
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