Cinemassively: The Little Newbie

Moo Money
M. Money|05.07.08

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(This video contains some unnecessary language. You've been warned.)

Koinup, a virtual world multimedia sharing site, recently held a Second Life music video contest. Yesterday, the judges, including Codebastard Redgrave and Tao Takashi, gathered to announce the winners of the contest. They picked two winners by jury, and the other was selected by the community.

The Community Award went to a video, The Little Newbie, by Alienhearts. We previously featured the work of this talented machinimator back in November, with the first, and only, episode of NooB. The video highlights a moment we've all had in SL where we create something we think is beautiful, but turns out to be not so great. Set to a fast-paced electronic mix, it blends newbie gestures with cheesy group dance scenes typically seen in real-life music videos.

[Via the Koinup Blog]

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