Latest Simple DS shots show off firefighting, surgery

Chris Greenhough
C. Greenhough|05.07.08

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Latest Simple DS shots show off firefighting, surgery
The latest two offerings in D3 Publisher's Simple DS line-up manage to look both gross (Simple DS Series Vol. 40: THE Gekai) and dramatic (Simple DS Series Vol. 39: THE Shouboutai) in these new screens.

More ER than Scrubs, THE Gekai (The Surgeon) takes a far more serious approach to surgery than Trauma Center. It might be worth a closer look come June, but for now we're far more interested in THE Shouboutai (The Firefighting Crew), partially because there's nothing quite like it on the DS (there should be more games about firefighting anyway, given that it oozes with the potential for drama and heroism), and also because our addled memories still fondly recall Burning Rangers on the Saturn. Actually, Burning Rangers is the main reason we're interested in this. Okay, the only reason. We wouldn't count on D3's firefighters carrying jet-packs, mind.

Head to our new galleries for the fresh screenage, though don't be expecting either of these to make the journey west.

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