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Guildwatch: "Makes it sound like Teapot Dome up in here"

Mike Schramm
May 14, 2008

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Menzoberranzan on Tichondrious-H decided recently that after a spat of drama, they were going to go on hiatus until Wrath, so their GL cooked up this video to show off some of the highlights of the guild. Most of it is just a slideshow of screenshots (so we're using it as the header shot this week), but jump up to 7:19, because there's some funny kids dancing.

Lots (and I mean lots) of drama in the GW this week (including the "corrupt loot council" that spawned that gem of a title), so make sure to click the link below to read it all. And don't forget to send your own tips in -- is the email address. We want your downed, drama, and recruiting news, so send it all.


  • Merge: Tired of hitting brick walls in their progression, core raiders from Order of Thought and Illuminati (though we have no idea what server) have banded together to form Epilogue with the express mission of focusing on Tier 5 and higher content. Leo is downed, Tidewalker is on notice. Good luck with the new guild.
  • Apparently Doom and Black Death on Dalaran have been causing trouble -- we don't know where the feud started (and apparently no one does), but both guilds are going at it on the forums, each claiming that the other sucks. Namelessone, Doom's GM, is one of the main instigators, and we hear Black Death has been holding back lately, though we're not sure if that's because they are waiting for the right moment to strike or if they're just getting tired of Namelessone's taunting. At any rate, any guild that does more fighting on the forum than ingame needs to reassess its priorities -- or maybe just its leaders.
  • Member poaching over on Mannoroth -- after The Shop Wreckers lost about a third of their core raiding members overnight, they apparently are blaming Innocuous Octopus for stealing their members, and IO is having none of it. I especially love when IO blames TSW for having a "corrupt loot council," which leads directly to the title of this week's GW. But there is good news -- we're told by a tipster that TSW solved their raiding problem.. by stealing members from Invictus.
  • Tren de Dolor are the only Horde guild on Aggramar to down Illidan. And after they downed Illidan, it was actually SSC that did them in -- after going back there to finish off Vashj, they found that even after five attempts, they couldn't, so they gave up. Our tipster says the GM, Nightlokey, apparently blamed it on a healer and then /gkicked him. Nobody liked that, though -- people logged back in just to /gquit and clear out of the guild, taking some high arena ratings and lots of Tier 6 gear with them.
  • Here's an update from that crazy bank drama from last week (in which someone from Five Man on Daggerspine just wouldn't leave people alone about their lowbie items in the bank). Apparently the guild bank was shut down after the incident, and access was given to only one character. But there is a happy ending -- most of the guild ended up in Needless Drama, we're told, where the characters can happily store anything and everything they want in the guild bank.
  • Shakeup in the Burning Blade Clan on Uldaman-H: their primary raiders have broken from the guild to create one called The Blackwolf Clan. They say there are a few reasons, but mostly they've just "had enough of the prima drhamas."
  • Shadow Syndicate took some PuG folks to Zul'Aman, but even when the pick up people won the role (and they realized it), they decided that the loot was theirs anyway. Later in the thread an officer from SS shows up, but they basically endorse the ninja -- if you're not in their guild, they don't care about you, whether you put the raiding work in or not. Lesson: don't pug with SS on Dark Iron.
  • Mama Was A Troll on Muradin-H got their bank cleared out by the GL, who then jumped servers with six other raiders and changed his name. Good times.
  • AfterLife is one of the top Horde guilds on Auchindoin, and they had another familiar tragedy happen to them -- after a GL left for real life, his replacement wasn't quite cut out for the job, and started ruthlessly /gkicking anyone he thought was doing him wrong. This lead to more /gquits (including both Main Tanks), and eventually the guild fell apart.
  • We cover a lot of meaningless things here on GW, but I think this drama, from The Syndicate on Trollbane is the most meaningless. It's like watching Jerry Springer, except there's not even an audience or any cameras. I did enjoy "I don't know if you know this or not, but 'NO ONE REALLY LIKE YOU'" though.
  • Kill Loot Repeat is a new recruiting guild on Nordrassil... that is apparently supported by the ninja-ed guild bank contents of not one but two guilds: Ominous and Sacred, previously on Lothar and Tanaris. Post number 19 has all the dirty details, and make sure you stick around until page 6: not only is the drama good, but there's some cake waiting for you. If only every drama thread had a Nigella Lawson recipe hidden in it.
  • Extinction, of Caelestrasz, had their guild bank ninja'ed by an officer, who also happened to be one of the main healers. They've lost four other healers in the past few weeks, and the ninja didn't help -- they lost resist gear for Hydross, and pots, flasks, primals and other gear. Ninja alert: Zombi, a priest. As for Extinction, they may merge with Battlescars to keep 25-man raiding.
  • Wow, you can actually watch Final Union of Alexstrasza break up in real time as you read this thread. At the beginning, progress is just slow, but by the end of it, Rama's transferred off to another server and taken some guildmates with him.
  • Manley doesn't just want to leave Crisp on Baelgun, he wants to air some dirty laundry and name names before he does it. Stay classy, San Diego.
  • I don't even know what to say about this. It starts off as a rant by Chill against some Hunter who joined her guild and thinks they could run the Hunter section better, and then becomes something pretty epic over on page 4, when Chill reports back that the wannabe class lead made a strange move -- just read it and you'll see. How... awkward.
  • Delirium on Kirin Tor-A has finished off both MH and BT, and apparently Illidan was the one who wasn't prepared. On to SP!
  • Singularities on EU Dentarg is back in the game after killing Bloodboil in the Black Temple. Ritual of Souls is also close, but Archimonde is the one going on notice. Have you tried kicking him in the shins?
  • Grimoire of Suramar-A is progressing through Karazhan nicely, clearing to Opera (BBW and R&J so far). They've added a second raid night to their raiding and are recruiting for some casual boss downing if you're interested.
  • The Highland Army of Dunemaul-A has been rolling along through the ranks, finishing off ZA, and taking down Leo, Fathom-Lord, and Morogrim within two nights in SSC. Void Reaver hasn't been playing nice though -- he's on notice (maybe the 2.4.2 patch will help).
  • Forget Your Sanity on Rexxar one shot Fathom Lord on their very first go. Nice job! Leo is on notice, though they say they feel bad about beating up a blind guy. Don't worry -- he won't see it coming.
  • After a heartbreaking 11% insta-wipe (what's that exactly? I think we've got a new term for the Guildwatch glossary) at the beginning of the night, and terrible latency issues, Serious Business on Gnomeregan rallied and fought back to down Archimonde for a guild first. Bloodboil is on notice!
  • Kilo Echo on Lothar formed up two weeks ago from a former raiding guild, and on their first week in TK, they finished off Solaris, then showed up later in the week and dropped Al'ar, too. Kael'thas is on notice - look out, Lothar, they're headed for the top.
  • Highborne on Exodar-H downed Illidan for a server and Horde second, just seven days short of a year after they first started raiding. Very nice anniversary present.
  • This week, Spirits of Vengeance and Care Bears on Medivh-US cleared out Gruul's Lair this week. Shammies and Pallies got lots of Fallen Champion gear, screenshots were taken, and everyone had a great time. Mags is up next, and then onwards to SSC.
  • Uprising on Kael'thas downed Fathom-lord, Tidewalker and Rage Winterchill all for the first time last week. Grats!
  • DIre Beef on Dark Iron keeps on rocking. They've dropped Rage Winterchill twice, and are now focusing on SSC. "That storm you hear brewing," they say, presumably to Vashj and her cronies, "is the Dire Beef raid crew coming to take you out." And in fact, they already made good -- later in the week, Hydross bit the dust.

  • G for Guild on Quel'Dorei-H (this week's winner of the Best Guild Name award) has been blazing through the progression, downing Leo latest and putting Al'ar on notice. They're also recruiting an Elemental Shaman, Holy Paladin, and. . . A HUNTER! Too bad you guys aren't on Cenarius, I've got a Hunter that needs a guild.
  • Got Pwn on Moonrunner apparently does: they've one-shot Gruul's. SSC is next up, good luck guys.
  • Blitzkrieg from Twisting Nether killed Illidan Stormrage and got a main hand Warglaive of Azzinoth on their first kill. Grats!
  • Eminence on Malfurion-A downed Fathom Lord and Tidewalker. Nice job.
  • Novus Ordo on Blackwater Raiders downed Hex Lord for the first time. Zul'Jin is on notice.
  • Legio Sanctus of EU Dragonmaw-A has downed Reliquary of Souls for the first time last Tuesday night.
  • Immortale of Wildhammer-H had their first Zul'jin kill on Friday, first Fathom-Lord Karathress on Sunday, and first Mag on Tuesday. Very nice -- Leotheras is on notice.
  • Knights of the Shadows of Kalecgos downed Rage Winterchill for the third time, then proceeded to one-shot both Anetheron and Kaz'rogal for not one but two guild firsts. Azgalor is officially on notice.
  • The Cyntex Alliance of Cenarius downed Gruul in a joint run with Ex Nihilo. Both guilds are coming after Magtheradon, who better watch his back like it's got the new Indiana Jones movie on it. They've also downed all the animal bosses in ZA. "Resto shammies FTW," they say. Damn right, I say.
  • Deathtrip on Blackhand-H downed Vashj on their second night of attempts, then followed it up with one-shotting Rage Winterchill. They're also recruiting: still looking for some good Holy and Shadow Priests.
  • Darkfire Empire on Norgannon downed Naj'entus and have put Supremus on notice. They're recruiting, too: Mages, Elemental and Resto Shamans, Resto Druids, and Rogues.
  • Quartz from EU Azjol-Nerub dropped Illidan for the first time, and came away with quite a story. They got the big half demon down to 5%... when their MT died. Why? Because he was about to hit Shield Block when, accidentally, he instead hit Shift in addition to the key binding for Shield Block, which was bound to... a Cataclysm's Edge and Berserker stance macro. He got one-shotted fast, and a Rogue stepped up to evasion tank the rest of it while DPS went all out. The loot was good, too -- the Shield went to the dead tank (who presumably changed his key bindings), and the Warglaive offhand went to the Rogue who finished Illy off. Nice job guys.
  • Night Watch on Moonrunner downed Vashj for the first time this week. Kael'thas is on notice, babay.
  • Mutiny of EU Khadgar-A downed High Astromancer Solarian and old skooled Void Reaver with no alarms, bells or whistles. That's what I like to hear. They're also recruiting.
  • Hawaiians on Thaurissian (who are actually from Hawaii) took down Karathress and Leo in SSC, and have put Vashj on notice. They're also recruiting, so if you're from Hawaii (WI's Dan O'Halloran is actually there this week, so aloha to all there), look them up and join.
  • Honor Guard on Thunderhorn is still rolling along -- they dropped both Mag and Fathom-Lord in the past few days. Grats!
  • Modus Operandi spent a single night and downed Bloodboil. Reliquary of Souls is on notice for next time.
  • The Exodus of Tanaris killed Mother Shahraz for a server first -- on Mother's Day! That's kind of weird, actually.
  • Relentless onThe Scryers-A, not only one-shot Nalorakk within the time limit for the first time, but also downed Halazzi for a guild first. They are serving notice to Jan'alai; get those affairs in order!
  • Ad Nauseam on Feathermoon downed Vashj for the first time.
  • Dante's Children (Muradin- H) just downed Magtheridon for a guild first. Our tipster says thanks to the GL and everyone who made it possible.
  • Dilution's first kill of Archimonde on Malygos was done with 22 people after a few people didn't show up because of Mother's Day. They're recruiting, too: Hunters and a Holy Paladin.
  • House Paladin, an Alliance guild on Bleeding Hollow, finally killed Vashj dead. Grats!
  • Athanatoi on EU The Sha'tar-A got an Alliance-side first for Lady Vashj. To celebrate, they are taking a week long vaction in Mount Hyjal, and then Kael'thas is on notice.
  • Systematically Insane on Durotan-A is looking for an Enhance Shammy, Shadow Priest and more healers and tanks. They're working on finishing up TK and SSC and gearing up in Tier 5 and 6.
  • Precedent of Dragonmaw is looking for all classes level 65 and up, with 70's having resilience of 250 or more preferred. They're mainly a PVP guild, specializing in running battlegrounds as a group, and winning. They are also beginning to branch out in to PvE, running Kara and Magister's Terrace frequently. Drama queens need not apply.
  • Diurne, on Ravenholdt-H, is a casual raiding guild looking for more members to boost their ranks for 25 mans. They're all about efficiency: get in, get loots, get out. Sounds good to me.
  • Malice is a morning raiding guild (as in, their raids start weekdays at 8am) on Kirin Tor looking for decent players who like to do their raiding before noon.
  • Champions of the Dawn on Eonar-A is a mature raiding guild that knows its members have a life outside of WoW. After being around for three years, they're working their way through Tier 5 and recruiting all classes and specs.
  • Durability Zero on Silvermoon-A was a successful, 25-man raid guild who had been progressing through SSC and TK -- at least they were, until chaos in the ranks caused a disband. But now, they're resurrecting, and recruiting a few well-geared, mature raiders to do it. They're aiming for SSC/TK and Mags, so if you're interested in raiding a few times a week, look them up.
  • Mightiest of Beings of Gnomeregan-A is now recruiting players for 25-man raids or looking to team up with another guild also looking to run 25-man dungeons. They have Kara on farm, and are looking for folks to join them for Gruul's, Mag's and beyond.
  • The Soul Society on EU Dragonblight is a guild of real-life friends, recruiting and building a team for Kara. they want all classes, especially some Prot and Feral tanks, and please have a useful profession. Contact ingame if interested.
  • Heroes of Old on Stormreaver-A is currently recruiting a Holy Paladin, Holy Priest and an Elemental Shaman. They are currently in SSC, starting TK and have Gruul's and Mag on farm. If you're looking for great officers and a great, helpful environment, they're the guild for you.
  • Sacrament on EU Khadgar-A is looking for raiders, mostly DPS and Healers. They're so ready to start raiding, they actually cleared out Gruul's with 18 people. But they'll need more than that to go farther, so join up with them.
  • The Tempered Sun of EU Defias Brotherhood is a guild that has many members with a real life focus but still want to raid They're currently looking to recruit mostly a Resto Shaman and an Spriest, but not picky.They recently downed Teron Gorefiend and Azgalor in Mount Hyjal and Black Temple, and are eagerly seeking out other members to take casual raiding further.
  • Potholer Academy is an official side guild to the Phantasmagoric Potholers on EU Moonglade that is primarily aimed at the younger or newer player (the GL's nephews have started playing, and he wanted to create a more conducive environment for them). They're looking for a few good players who want to level to 50 with like-minded players, and then apply as "Faculty," or head off to the main guild for endgame. Meanwhile, the Academy also welcomes alts, noobs, twinks, whoever. They only require that you have no attitude, not be a ninja and, whatever you do, learn First Aid. Good advice.
  • Thousand Swords on Vek'nilash is a well-established PvP guild. They usually do premades, dailies, form arena teams and occasionally do some raiding, too. All are welcome to apply, but please come with 250+ resilience.
  • Damnation of Burning Blade-A is recruiting active raiders with gear and experience. They are only two weeks old and have two Kara groups clearing full, Gruul downed, and are working on ZA. They're looking to head through all the 25 man content before Wrath's release.
  • Pirate Penguins is a small casual guild on Cenarius-A looking for more members to attempt 25-man content. They've got Kara on farm and are solidly working through Zul'Aman, but have their sights set on Gruul's and beyond. All classes are welcome, though healers are preferred. Also, you must like pirates, gnomes, and penguins. Plus, they say they could actually use my Hunter over on that server, so you may even get the chance to play with me. And that's worth something, right?
  • Que Sera Sera, an Alliance guild on the Garona server is recruiting Restoration Shaman, an exceptional Warlock, and and an exceptional Mage.
  • Eminence Front is a Horde guild on Terrokar that's open recruiting all classes. Please be ready for SSC and TK, if not MH and BT -- no Kara gear here, please.
  • Midnight Cartel is in open recruitment for their "Progression Core" Raiding group. One of the oldest casual guilds on Elune, they are rebuilding a progression oriented raid group and are looking for some mature and motivated new friends! They're especially seeking Healers and Warlocks.
  • Lex Talionis on EU The Maelstrom-A are looking for any BT/MH-experienced tanks (with FR gear if possible) and any healers to come join the fun! They have good leadership and a strong raiding core of great players.
  • Extend on EU Stormrage-H is looking for a Restoration Shaman, a Warlock and one Rogue (prefer Combat), as well as a Hunter and a Holy Priest to hit up Sunwell. They are looking players that are preferrably above 18, dedicated, mature, with class knowledge and focused. Tier 6-level worth of gear and experience is necessary to a greater extent.
  • Mafia on Jaedenar-H is recruiting players to form up a core raiding group for Friday and Saturday nights. They're going to start at Kara, but they have experience in SSC and TK, so they're headed there very soon -- the better equipment you can show up with, the better for them.
That's it for this week's GW. We'll be back as usual next week -- until then, happy raiding!

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including a little fantasy drama (that turned out to be a hoax), and even the random hilarious Vent recording. Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!

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