Starz Entertainment to launch Encore HD in July

Darren Murph
D. Murph|05.14.08

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Starz Entertainment to launch Encore HD in July
Shortly after dropping a cool $25 million on a new logo (among other things), Starz Entertainment is gearing up to launch its fifth distinct high-definition channel in Encore HD. Currently, the standard-definition Encore channel has 31 million subscribers, which means that quite a few eyes in the world will likely be seeing the same stuff in much greater quality. The channel is slated to launch in July for all of its cable, satellite and telco affiliates to pick up, and as expected, 5.1-channel audio will be delivered right alongside the high-def imagery. We're still left to wonder who exactly will make the high-definition version of Encore available to its customers, but at worse, you've only got a few months to wait before finding out.
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