Things left undone

Allison Robert
A. Robert|05.14.08

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Things left undone

I've been farming a lot of ghost mushrooms and gromsblood lately in order to make Demonslaying Elixirs. My guild's farming trash in Sunwell Plateau at the moment and has taken a few half-hearted swings at Kalecgos, all of which ended in much hollering and arguing and waving of hands in the air. But despite the fact that Big Blue is likely to ride our collective ass for weeks, I like to think of myself as a long-term planner with a gimlet eye on Brutallus. So, a-farming I go.

The materials for the elixir are fairly irritating to farm in quantity, and I find myself in a lot of areas I never even leveled extensively in when I was raising my Druid main. Desolace? Paid it a visit to get some fishing done. Blasted Lands? Uh...passed through it on my way to Outland. Maraudon? Did I do that? I want to say I did, but was brought up short at learning of the existence of a scepter that allows you to bypass two-thirds of the instance. I know for sure I've never set foot in Dire Maul North, much less a Tribute Run, I'd never seen the live side of Stratholme, and I hadn't so much as clapped eyes on the Emperor in Blackrock Depths.

There's a lot of content that has a tendency to go by the wayside when there's something bigger and better coming up, and it started to bother me that my main had never seen so much of classic WoW. Mike touched on this the other day in a Breakfast Topic wondering what a worthy goal would be before Wrath hits, and this is a variation on the same theme -- dusting off older content, older quests, and just enjoying them for their own sake without the pressures of being undergeared, having to level, or making multiple irritating corpse runs (seriously, though, could the graveyard for the Blackrock instances be any less convenient?).

So for the past few weeks I've been on a pre-60 content kick, and most of it's turned out to be pretty cool. BRD has rapidly become something of a favorite because you get some crazy drops in there, and it's fun running around Shattrath sporting the finest in pre-60 blues. And, as you may observe from my helpful screenshot, it's the type of experience you really want to share.
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