New Red vs. Blue series, Reconstruction, debuts

Justin McElroy
J. McElroy|05.27.08

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New Red vs. Blue series, Reconstruction, debuts

It's been nearly a year since the Red vs. Bluniverse said its goodbyes, only occasionally popping up to help promote a map pack or the like. But now (as promised last month) the series has returned with Red vs. Blue Reconstruction. And it's exactly the Red vs. Blue you've always loved! ... Except for the fact that it's not particularly funny.

No, Burnie and crew haven't let their talents become dulled from too many rounds of Grifball, they seem to be trying for a more serious approach this time ... or maybe it's just all set up for a big episode 2 punchline. Either way, we're on board for the new episodes coming on Mondays this summer.

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