Rez, Ikaruga hold record for best XBLA launches

Ross Miller
R. Miller|05.27.08

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Rez, Ikaruga hold record for best XBLA launches
In news post yesterday, Penny Arcade's Gabe revealed the top four best launches ever for Xbox Live Arcade, with the launch window being the first three days of availability. The list is as follows:
  1. Rez HD, 25k units
  2. Ikaruga, 22.5k units
  3. Penny Arcade Adventures Episode 1, 16.5k units
  4. N+, 13k units
Honestly, we're a bit surprised by the initial success of Rez and Ikaruga. Not that we didn't want them to succeed (they really are awesome games), but we didn't expect to see Xbox Live community rally so quickly around years-old re-releases. Now, if we could only see data for worst XBLA launches, or even total Rez playtime using multiple controllers as trance vibrators.
[Via X3F]
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