Dell's XPS 730 H2C gets benchmarked, overclocked and rated

A general review is fine and dandy when you're lookin' at Hello Kitty laptops, but this is Dell's XPS 730 H2C we're talking about. A rig this big demands to be benchmarked, and the mad scientists over at Hot Hardware did that and a whole lot more after it arrived in their lab. Here's the highlights: reviewers were able to hit 4.25GHz (though not for long), the unit itself walked all over its rivals and it was deemed "an absolute monster in any productivity and multimedia task." Sadly, gaming performance was seen as "less decisive but still extremely impressive," but it nevertheless managed to "blaze" through every title tossed at it. Grab your cup of joe and head on down, as you'll be reading for quite some time before seeing that coveted Editor's Choice award there at the end.