Poland's Aster adds seven HD channels

Darren Murph
D. Murph|05.28.08

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Poland's Aster adds seven HD channels
There's been quite a bit of HD action in Poland of late, but all has been quiet on the Aster front -- until now. The nation's fourth largest operator has just announced a trio of packages that will deliver up to seven high-definition channels to those who cough up the requisite coin. For starters, we've got the HDPack (20 Polish z??oty; $9.38 per month), which contains TVN HD, Discovery HD, History HD, Eurosport HD and Luxe TV HD. Next up is Discovery HD all by its lonesome and the Canal+ HD tier, which includes Canal+ Sport HD and Canal+ Film HD. Each of those sets will demand 6 Polish z??oty ($2.82) per month. For anyone parked in Warsaw, chime in and let us know how the new offerings look.
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