Kaos announces new Frontlines: FoW DLC

Dustin Burg
D. Burg|06.03.08

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Kaos announces new Frontlines: FoW DLC
Videogamer.com has details on some newly announced Frontlines: Fuel of War downloadable content and, as can be expected from any first person shooter, the DLC is multiplayer focused.

Kaos Studios just confirmed that the new Fuel of War DLC has been sent to Microsoft cert and is awaiting the green light to release to the XBLM and is said to include five new multiplayer maps including Boneyard, Hindsight, Sunder, Wide Awake and Infiltration. Make the jump to read a detailed descriptions about each map.

We'd also like to say that seeing a developer support their game, no matter which game, after launch with DLC is cool in our book. Judgment free. Though, we'll reserve our developer praise until after the DLC pricing is revealed, because we're admittedly a bit touchy about things like the cost of content. Especially for games that didn't quite break into the popular Xbox Live multiplayer rotation .... just saying.
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