Fawkner talks up Neopets

Candace Savino
C. Savino|06.05.08

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Fawkner talks up Neopets

Steve Fawkner, the CEO of Infinite Interactive, chats a bit about the recently announced Neopets and some of its features in the video above. Neopets takes the game Othello (also known as Reversi in some circles) and spruces it up a bit with magical spells and things of that nature, while also adding an adventure storyline. This may not excite some of you, but we still have fond memories of 7up's Spot: The Video Game, which showed us that Othello can be awesome in the right circumstances.

Fawkner also claims that if you play just one game, you'll be hooked. Since Infinite Interactive gave us Puzzle Quest, a title that people had big doubts about until they realized it was video game crack (the DS version, at least), we're inclined to see if Neopets can live up to Fawkner's promise -- even if we still think the tie-in with the Neopets franchise is just weird.

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