Pure Digital Flip Mino review round-up

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Pure Digital Flip Mino review round-up
While it certainly didn't appeal to everybody, Pure Digital's Flip Video Ultra cheapcorder nonetheless found quite the audience, which has not surprisingly led to some raised expectations for the company's just-released follow-up, the Flip Mino. Judging from the first batch of reviews, however, it looks like Pure Digital has mostly managed to hit the mark ($30 premium notwithstanding), even if it still likely won't be getting folks to ditch their more full-featured cameras. Among the first out of the gate with a review was Laptop Magazine, which put the Ultra and Mino head-to-head and found that Mino won out in terms of design, specs, and power options, although the Ultra hung on to an edge in video quality, which it says remained "consistently brighter," particularly in low-light conditions. The Wall Street Journal's Mossberg Solution (not Moss himself) didn't have as much of a problem with the video quality (given the expectations), but it did find that while the Mino's touch-sensitive buttons look great, "they aren't as functional as they needed to be." Wired's Gadget Lab also had some quibbles about the hard to press buttons, but that wasn't enough to stop it from handing out an initial rating of 8 out of 10 (a more in-depth review is promised for later), with the cam's slimmer design and ability to get video up onto the web quickly winning it high marks. If that still hasn't made up your mind, you can find some sample videos taken with the camera and plenty more details by hitting up the links below.

Read - Laptop Magazine ("the Mino won three out of the four rounds," but not the biggest category: video quality)
Read - Mossberg Solution ("looks much cooler than older models")
Read - Gadget Lab (8 out of 10)
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