TUAW predicts WWDC '08

Cory Bohon
C. Bohon|06.06.08

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TUAW predicts WWDC '08
With WWDC right around the corner, the bloggers at TUAW have compiled a list of predictions for WWDC '08. While we are not sure what will be released, this is a fun list of what we think might be coming, or things that we really want. Be sure to voice your predictions in the comments, and by taking part in our poll.

Steve Sande
I'll take ".Mac rebranding and expansion to iPhone and Windows, 3G iPhone, iTablet, and Mac nano" for $500, Alex!

Robert Palmer
I think we might find out what the next "big cat name" will be for 10.6. [We're pretty sure we know what that'll be.] I think we'll start to see a development toolset for bringing all of Apple's devices together. Imagine a novice user being able to create a small app that runs on the iPhone, as a Dashboard widget, and maybe as a widget for some future Apple TV in one build. To do that, we need the next generation of Apple development tools. That's what we might begin to see at WWDC.

Joshua Ellis
Flash on the iPhone, 3G, and I'd really love to see that iTablet and Mac nano action.

Mike Schramm
We'll see 3G and new .Mac for sure, and I think we'll see some more official iPhone apps from Apple, in addition to everything else from the App Store. I don't think we'll see any other new hardware (a redesigned MBP may be in the cards, but an iTablet or Mac Nano is a no), but I do think we'll see a years-off glimpse of 10.6 -- with Leopard out and updated, Apple needs to start up some more OS hype.

Chris Ullrich
iPhone 2.0 with 3G and video shooting capability. .Mac rebranding with new features similar to Google Apps and accessability to Windows users. iPhone 2.0 applications and some details on the next version of OSX code named "insert name of big cat here."

Cory Bohon
We'll definitely see some .Mac rebranding going on, some new "mystery hardware," and a sneak peak at what's beneath the hood of Mac OS X 10.6. I don't think we will see the iPhone 2.0 firmware hitting the streets just yet, and I think that Mac OS X 10.5.4 might be right around the corner.

Brett Terpstra
Enterprise solutions on the iPhone (I know, generic prediction). MBP update. Announcement that Apple was actually serious about using me.com, followed by a Keynote presentation with focus group study data indicating that it's actually a really, really good name.

Michael Rose
Can't wait for the over-the-air sync of .Mac/MobileMe, and I don't even own an iPhone! I think we'll get a launch date for the App Store and an on-sale date for iPhone 2, but neither of them will be during the show. I think we'll see a 10.6 seed preview and the Mac Nano... and maybe, just maybe, the iPhoneBig.

Scott McNulty
I'm with the crowd on the .Mac rebranding, and the 10.6 dog and pony show. We'll see (I think) iPhone 2.0, but what I'm really hoping for is a redesigned MacBook Pro. I'm about ready to replace mine, and I'd love to get one with a keyboard like the MacBook's.

Now, it's your turn.

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