New AoC patch brings important fixes

Adrian Bott
A. Bott|06.09.08

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New AoC patch brings important fixes
Continuing with their policy of frequent medium-sized patches instead of intermittent colossal ones, FunCom are bringing a welcome new patch to the AoC servers today. As well as the all-important 'more client and server crashes resolved' and a host of alterations such as a sound effect for levelling up (what's a ding without a ding?) and fixes to quests, there are significant changes to Demonologists that should make the class more balanced.

Many spells have had their damage buffed, their casting time reduced, or their splash damage increased. The hated cooldown for wide-scale Area of Effect damage spells, Inferno of Amher and Shockblast, has even been shaved back down.

Of interest to all mages, ablative armor spells Contract of Protection, Protection of Set, and Runed Flesh all now notify the caster if the maximum amount of damage has been absorbed between refreshes. They last a lot longer, too - the duration has been upped to an hour. (Don't panic that the patch notes mention an hour cooldown. It's definitely duration that's been increased. This seems to be one of those hilarious typos.) Protection of Set and Runed Flesh also see a 50% buff to the amount of damage they can absorb.

Although there's little direct attention for Necromancers, they do have improved UI, and the changes to the armor spells (assuming they're positive) will benefit them too. Increased movement speed for pets should also make a noticeable difference.

There's been extended downtime again (at least on the European servers) which always causes some bellyaching, but it's a substantial patch; these things happen. (Unfortunately, there's already been some errata; gemmed items are not fixed after all.) So, FunCom, who gets the love next? Here's a hint: Assassins would really, really like some.
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