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McIntosh ships new products to dealers

McIntosh ships new products to dealers
Steven Kim
Steven Kim|June 10, 2008 4:00 PM
McIntosh logoIf you and your sizable bankroll have been waiting ever so patiently for McIntosh's new gear to arrive at your local dealer, we envy you. Not just because you've got the scratch, but more importantly because your wait is over. McIntosh announced that its fully-balanced, 300-Watt MC2301 mono vacuum tube amp ($11,000) is at your dealer now. Expect a call from your sales rep, lucky dog! While you're at the store, maybe pick up a XCS1K center channel speaker ($17,500). The compliment of two 10-inch woofers, 32 2-inch mids and 20 0.75-inch tweets should be a great way to break in that new amp, right? Finally, McIntosh hasn't forgotten the two-channel enthusiasts out there (whom we suspect make up a sizable chunk of their clientele) -- also "on the shelves" are its 250-Watt MA7000 ($8,000) and 200-Watt MA6600 ($6,000) stereo integrated amplifiers, and the MCD301 SACD player. Dolby TrueHD or DTS-HD MA it's not, but we'd wager a McIntosh setup built around these pieces sounds mighty fine!
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