PCI Express 3.0 details surface

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PCI Express 3.0 details surface
PCI Express
PCI 2.0's doubled-up speed boost was something to celebrate, but think again if you're looking for such a bump with PCI Express 3.0. The PCI SIG started eking out some details about the new standards, and as of now it looks like PCI express 3.0 will see transfers speeds of 8-gigatransfers per second, compared to 2.0's 5.0-gigatransfers per second. Channel width and transfer protocol will ultimately determine the amount of information transferred, of course, so the new standard could have some tricks up its sleeves. The good news is that PCI Express 3.0 will use the same connector and will be backwards-compatible with 2.0. PCI Express' specifications should be complete in 2009 with a rollout in 2010, so don't go stressing about your motherboard's I/O options just yet.
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