Don't go mental at the sight of Crazy Mini Golf

philip larsen
p. larsen|06.16.08

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Don't go mental at the sight of Crazy Mini Golf
We don't care who you are, where you're from, what you did, as long as you love ... mini-golf. It's slow, methodical and sometimes frustrating, but a gamer isn't a gamer until they enjoy a fun-filled round on those crazy putting courses. Real golfers are excused.

Naturally, this is why Data Design Interactive decided to go with Crazy Mini Golf as the title for their upcoming putting challenge. The press release is clearly targeting the whole "kidz" segment (golf is too violent for the tots, they need GTA), but it seems to be a pretty full-featured game. You'll be waggling your Wiimote with two control options, 74 "crazy" holes, four courses and multiple gameplay modes.

The first screens are fresh from the pro shop to our gallery! They look pretty smooth -- almost as smooth as this guy.

[Via press release]
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