Rumor: The reasons behind Ironside's Splinter Cell split

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Rumor: The reasons behind Ironside's Splinter Cell split
The Sarcastic Gamer gang has been slipped another round of supposedly "inside" info regarding the rumored nixing of actor Michael Ironside as the voice of Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher. Rather than simply more "he's gone" talk, this time there are actual (rumored) details concerning the (also rumored) split, which comes during what has been a turbulent development process for Splinter Cell: Conviction.

According to the latest hubbub, Ironside was given the boot for being generally difficult to work with ... and asking for more compensation than publisher Ubisoft deemed sufficient for his work. Bear in mind that Ubisoft still hasn't commented on the situation, so all of this is just as plausibly deniable as one of agent Fisher's missions.

[Via X3F]
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