250,000 Spore creatures shared, interstellar plague to follow

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250,000 Spore creatures shared, interstellar plague to follow

Electronic Arts announced late last night that 250,000 new creatures had been uploaded to the Sporepedia since the program got into various Sporeophile's hands mandibles. The company claims two creatures are being shared every second, with the latest data from our Spore page (image after the break) showing that 377,200 creatures have been created since those numbers were last updated on Spore.com.

Quick math break: 377,200 - 78,762 penis creatures = 298,438 actual creatures.

We've certainly been having fun around here making our adorable animals, ready to rule the galaxy on Sept. 7. The Spore Creature Creator demo (with about 25% of the retail content) and the full $10 version are available now.

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