Peer into WAR's career system guts

Kyle Horner
K. Horner|06.26.08

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Peer into WAR's career system guts

If you just can't get yourself enough Warhammer Online information, then let us point your by-now strained-from-lack-of-sleep eyes towards this preview of the game's career system. EA Mythic has obviously spent a lot of time thinking about their classes and with very good reason. In a game that's centered around the developer's patented Realm vs Realm combat system it matters very much that there is a close-as-possible balance between the two factions of Order and Chaos.

This is of course a subject that's been touched on by us and other people all around the MMO blogosphere, which is probably making the guys responsible for realm balance over at EA Mythic feel a little stressed -- that is if they weren't to begin with.

If that preview still doesn't sate your now-obviously insatiable desire to know more about Squig Herders and Chaos Magi or essentially any other class featured in the game, we've got you covered.
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