Barrens Chat: Warlocks are, too!

Megan Harris
M. Harris|06.26.08

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Barrens Chat: Warlocks are, too!

The comic this week was inspired by an email received from fellow blogger, Robin about something Krystalle says in response to a (sadly) common misspelling over chats. So dual credit for nudging me in that direction, ladies. I had to run with it once I had the starting idea in my head.

The truth is, I am very grateful to both of my fellow bloggers in sparking this idea in my head. I hope they find the result of Robin's email fun, and I look forward to warping more ideas from them in the future.


I guess this could also be another comic where I once again jump on the WotLK bandwagon and pick fun at some of the planned, and rumored, additions in my own little way. I always knew gingers cheated! ... or at least had better gear than me.

See you next week!
Barrens Chat is a weekly comic strip that leads readers into a rather random world of humor. Whether it's finding fun in the torment of others, or just taking a mental break and delighting in the warm, friendly humor of a childhood acquaintance, there's bound to be a little something for everyone. Check back every week for more random fun!
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