Dungeon Runners retail box now available through Amazon

Matt Warner
M. Warner|06.30.08

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The Bling Gnome is ready to scarf down items, poop-out gold and help you fight crime in the hood. Say what? There's no other reason to purchase the retail edition of Dungeon Runner's, a cardboard box stuffed with the digital delights. Well okay, we forgot the main reason. Dungeon Runners is the most raucous MMOG ever that is filled with hilarious jokes, witty banter, and pop culture references that will bust any gut with a hearty guffaw.

The retail version also comes packed with a barf o'rama bounty inside by including a six month membership to the game that gives players loads of chunky perks over the free-to-play counterparts. The difference is worth every penny. More, more, more! Members earn more experience; plunder more gold; horde more items; are luckier at finding rare items; and the annoying adverts will disappear and put more foam peanuts on the developer's dinner tables.

But the sexy Bling Gnome only comes with the retail box which comes with a six month membership for all those perks. The retail box is only 20 bucks, making it cheaper than if you were to download the game and pay for a six month subscription separately. Adopt a Bling Gnome today through Amazon. The Dungeon Runners retail box is also coming to Gamestop shelves on July 3rd and inside Fry's stores in the near future.
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