Sunday Morning Funnies: On the flip side

Amanda Miller
A. Miller|06.29.08

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Sunday Morning Funnies: On the flip side
The summer season is just starting to gear up, and it seems that if you are not checking out arena season four, you're planning a trip, hosting a barbecue, or otherwise outside enjoying the sunshine. It seems that your favorite webcomic artists are no different!

Though this week's selection is small, less choice should make for a tighter run. As always, feel free to suggest new comics in the comments section!
  1. From Awkward Zombie comes In a Blink, showcasing the perils of using blink as a primary form of travel.
  2. NoObz explores the art of questing and saving for gear and flight.
  3. Kissybear is still enjoying his new alliance toon.
  4. Teh Gladiators' battle continues with the ancient arena fighter.
  5. Someone tastes like chicken on LFG!
  6. It is time for Blanc to Meet Lance!
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