Wanted movie spawns "Fan Immersion Game"

Akela Talamasca
A. Talamasca|06.29.08

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Wanted movie spawns "Fan Immersion Game"
That fabled beast, Convergence, draws closer every day. Proponents of this phenomenon believe that one of these days, all media will be intertwined -- you'll watch a movie online, see a product, click on it to launch its related website or download its video game tie-in -- that sort of thing. As the Internet matures, and Hollywood wises up, we'll see more of this happening.

A step in this direction is the new "Fan Immersion Game" based on the Angelina Jolie action film Wanted. Developed by Stillfront AB, this is a web-based MMO in which players rise through the ranks of a fraternal order of assassins. Stillfront CEO Marco Ahlgren says in the press release "The concept of different fraternities of assassins lends itself perfectly to the design of a casual MMOG, and the unique objects ingrained in the property -- from ancient weapons to intricately woven hit orders -- are well-suited for a microtransaction model. The Wanted FIG provides an addictive game play experience for fans while generating online brand awareness leading up to the film release, and well beyond." Check out that marketing speak, wouldja? Decide for yourself if the game lives up to its own hype and we'll see you in the movie theaters.
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