Reader WoWspace of the Week: Absoli

For as many different World of Warcraft players as there are out there, there are equally as many different WoWspaces for people to game in. Each week, we'll bring you a WoWspace sent in by one of our readers and let them tell you all about it. Would you like to share your own personal space? Just drop some pictures and your description to us here at readerwowspace AT! This week, we visit the home of Absoli, who has a dark but interesting WoWspace -- and really needs a better camera.

I have several toons, but really now my main is my lvl 70 priest on Duskwood. I spent several years collecting bits and pieces for my setup and thought I'd share it with you all.

My most prized part of my computer are my dual monitors. Found a pair of 22" widescreen Samsung 2ms monitors at Frys in Burbank one day and decided I finally needed to upgrade to something I would keep for a while. They really make playing WoW an awesome experience. The computer itself I built before I moved to California in 2007. It is a 2.8GHz Pentium D dual core, with dual EVGA nVidia 6800GTS video cards (a bit out of date but 512Mb video RAM isn't too bad) and 4Gb system RAM. I currently have two HDs in it with around 1TB of space for all my music and games along with 3 external drives for other projects. I very much prefer my wireless keyboard and mouse (Logitech VX Revolution) but I also have stashed somewhere around there my old IBM clicky keyboard that I use a good portion of the time.

The speakers in the picture are Alesis studio monitors that I purchased for when I was making music with my friends. The other parts of that setup are the mini mixer, the external M-Audio sound card, and the Trigger Finger Sampler pad that is in one of the pictures.

The drink of choice is pretty obvious in this picture. Keeps me going as I work 5pm to 5am as a support astronomer while I am finishing my PhD. In the background you can see my TV which, when sitting in my chair, I can see right next to my left screen. This is my setup where I spend my time trying to avoid writing my dissertation. Ah, Procrastination, our love affair will someday come to an end.

That's all we have for this week's Reader WoWspace! If you're feeling brave and would like to show off your own personal space, drop us some WoWspace pictures and your description of the space to readerwowspace AT (And if you sent one in before but it wasn't featured, please re-send it so we have it!)