BlackBerry Bold, KickStart, Javelin on Rogers' 2008 radar

A pretty believable roadmap for upcoming BlackBerry devices on Rogers has surfaced, and by and large, we're looking at a whole bunch of good news here. First, let's start out with the best: the rumor that Canadians will be able to pick up their Bolds before the month of July is out is still holding strong, with this particular document suggesting that the 25th will see an official announcement followed by in-store availability on the 29th. Next, the KickStart -- RIM's first flip -- should make an appearance in the second half of September, and finally, the Javelin is targeted for the tail end of the year in late November or early December. Happily, this is one of those rare situations where it looks like we'll be getting the good stuff (read: the Bold) first, since the Javelin's rumored to keep 3G out of the equation.