Big Bang Sudoku

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Many months ago, I posted about the free web-based iPhone Sudoku. Today, Freeverse released its native iPhone port of this game. Part of their popular Big Bang series, iPhone Sudoku retails for $4.99, offering expanded game-play and multiple language support (English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese).

It's a big step up from the web based version. You don't have to struggle with screen scrolling. The game items fit nicely on the screen. There many new features available. You can save and resume games. You can disable the "Show incorrect moves" cheat. You can enable and disable the onboard timer, and so forth.

Unfortunately, I was unable to test the software on an actual iPhone so I don't know if the same touch location issues I experienced with the web version have translated to the native version. It's easy to use the mouse and cursor to play the game with its 9-by-9 grid. I can't tell if this will translate to fingers and the touch screen, but you'd sort of assume that it would--otherwise Freeverse would look pretty silly selling an unusable game.

Another thing I couldn't judge directly was audio. Freeverse has added some spiffy sound effects to the game but there was no way to test that out. I listened to them in QuickTime after hacking my way down into the application bundle and they included reasonably non-annoying feedback snippets. You can disable sounds in the in-game options if that kind of thing bothers you.

All in all, it felt like the equal of any other game currently retailing for $4.99 in the iTunes store. It promises a lot of satisfying game play for Sudoku enthusiasts with a well-designed interface.

Freeverse's Big Bang Sudoku is available from AppStore for $4.99. It runs on both the iPhone and iPod touch.

Here is the QuickTime version of the above video.

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