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D-Link DSM-210 unboxing, hands-on, and mini-review

D-Link DSM-210 unboxing, hands-on, and mini-review
Joshua Topolsky
Joshua Topolsky|July 10, 2008 8:47 AM

When we first heard D-Link was sending its new DSM-210 Internet Photo Frame our way, we'll admit we had some pretty Star Trekkian visions of what it might entail. The device -- which is a 10-inch, 800 x 480 LCD display with built-in WiFi and ethernet connectivity -- promises to upgrade the familiar static nature of its ilk with a handful of networking enhancements. The frame adds Facebook, RSS, and various photo site (Flickr, Picasa) integration, then couples it with weather reports and the standard slideshow options (using the 1GB onboard storage or SD / MMC / Memory Stick slot). What should be a killer combo -- a frame that actually provides some interactive features -- is unfortunately hampered by its clunky UI and painful navigation via its dimestore micro-remote. D-Link does provide a nice landing page to set up your various accounts, though there's a cap on how many pictures can be in each stream, and it won't let you add two of the same subscription services on the device (say, if you and your spouse have separate Flickr accounts). The weather application is a nice touch, but that fact that it displays advertisements is a bit of a detractor -- do we really need to be bombarded with Dr. Pepper ads interspersed with photos from our peace-keeping missions abroad? All in all, it's not a bad device, but for the $249.99 price tag, you may be better off buying a cheapo netbook for a little bit more cash and leaving it open on a table somewhere.