NFC Forum publishes two new specifications, most of us still waiting for even one

Though NFC hasn't quite reached the penetration level required to make it a ubiquitous and critical tool like, say, Bluetooth or WiFi, the NFC Forum is still pushing ahead to make the short-range communication standard ever better. Two new specifications have been published for inclusion in the NFC ecosystem of protocols this week: Generic Control RTD and Connection Handover. Generic Control RTD is simply a way for one NFC-enabled device to tell another to perform a particular action; Connection Handover is where it gets interesting, allowing NFC to be used to establish a connection over some other technology (like Bluetooth) with a more complicated pairing procedure. As the NFC Forum puts it, that gives you the best of both worlds -- the ease of use afforded by NFC along with the higher bandwidth of a more robust protocol -- which makes it easier to use NFC to initate transmission of larger files. That's cool, but seriously, can we just pay for our train fare to start?

[Via Phone Scoop]