Biography Channel gets serious about HD

Steven Kim
S. Kim|07.14.08

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Biography Channel gets serious about HD
Biography Channel logoWhen the Bio Channel first went HD late last year, we were pretty skeptical about the appeal of giving its content the stretch-o-vision treatment. But coming off of a 25-percent gain in viewership year-over-year, it has made the commitment to shoot all new content in HD. To kick things off, Bio has announced that four new original series and the return of "I Survived" will be getting the HD treatment. The new shows include: "Female Forces," highlighting female police in Naperville, IL; "Why I Ran" which will bring interviews with the perps of high-speed police chases; "The Chris Isaak Hour" with live performances and interviews of musical artists; and "Shatner's Raw Nerve" with William Shatner interviewing folks and attempting to set them off (prime directive be damned). To be fair, five series in HD won't exactly fill the programming grid, but it's a start. And there's got to be replay value in watching William Shatner prod his victims guests, right?
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