Agatha Christie burns us all with Evil Under the Sun

philip larsen
p. larsen|07.16.08

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Agatha Christie burns us all with Evil Under the Sun
A good murder calls for a glass of fine wine, a monocle and perhaps a strapping butler, ready to answer all questions concerning dastardly deeds. Luckily for adventure fans, Agatha Christie is happy to deliver mountains of murder, mystery and intrigue with the upcoming PC port of Evil Under the Sun.

Followers of the adventure series will know that And Then There Were None was ported to the Wii a while ago with mixed results. However, the recent revival of point-and-click games on the Wii is incredibly refreshing, as it gives developers inspiration to create new, interesting storylines to accompany the solid gameplay mechanics.

Evil Under the Sun tells the story of master detective Hercule Poirot as he goes about solving a murder case on a sunny island -- hence, the evil being under the sun. The game comes out in October this year; plenty of time to brush up on Agatha Christie history in preparation.

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