E308: Wii Sports Resort announced [Update 1: Screens!]

To some, Wii Sports is almost synonymous with the Wii itself, so you can paint us totally unamazed to hear that there'll be a follow-up. Wii Sports Resort will launch in Spring 2009, shipping with one of those fancy new Wii MotionPlus add-ons and a special Wii Remote jacket to house your elongated Wiimote.

The theme here is beach games -- perfect for people like us who don't particularly enjoy going outside, let alone baring our flesh. On stage at Nintendo's E3 press conference, we were treated to demos of games such as Disc Dog (lobbing a frisbee for your dog), Jet Ski (self-explanatory), and a sword-jousting minigame in which players attempt to knock each other off of a platform. So, who's excited?

[Update 1: First screenies!]