Sega confirms Samba de Amigo getting DLC

Jason Dobson
J. Dobson|07.15.08

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Sega confirms Samba de Amigo getting DLC

Sega has confirmed earlier rumors that its upcoming Wii-vival of Samba de Amigo will support downloadable content. That's the good news. However, with the first pack of three songs scheduled to debut alongside the game's launch on September 23, the announcement feels less like a gift and more a reason for Sega to dip its hands in our back pocket by charging for content that should already be on the disc.

While no pricing model has yet been announced, the first set of downloads will include 80's radio chant, I Want Candy, from Bow Wow Wow; Jet's Are You Going To Be My Girl?; and Lou Bega's Mambo Mambo, with future tracks expected to be made available "on a regular basis." We hope not too regular, unless a little thing called storage is sorted out first. Perhaps we should be diving into couch cushions, looking for SD cards instead of loose change.

[Via press release]
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