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Motorola / Cisco see Tuning Adapters certified

Motorola / Cisco see Tuning Adapters certified
Ben Drawbaugh
Ben Drawbaugh|July 18, 2008 12:09 PM
TiVo and tuning adapter
July is over half way over and if you were starting to worry that the Tuning Adapters that would save your TiVo from uselessness, you can rest a little easier. Sure, you can't rest as easy as you could if you actually had one of these little guys from Motorola or Cisco making your TiVo HD or Series3 SDV compatible, but it can't be long now. In the long line of red tape that is required to bring any cable device to market, the tuning adapters have finally made it through one of the last hurdles by being certified by the all mighty CableLabs. This means that it is only a matter of time before you can expect to see a letter from either TiVo or your cable co -- assuming they are using SDV -- informing you of your HD savior. And in case you're wondering, yes the latest TiVo update -- that's right, the same one that enabled YouTube -- does include the necessary fixins to make this all work, so stay tuned while we all wait to see how things finally shake out.