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One Shots: Lands heretofore unseen

We've been told that we're lacking the love for some great games out there, so we opened up One Shots to hearing about/seeing some games we normally haven't covered. We've had a couple of people take up the call, so today we're bringing you a MMOG off-the-beaten-path. This game was (until recently) named Horizons. We'll let Reijman tell you about his MMOG of choice:

Would be nice if you guys at Massively [would] give some attention to this game; Horizons -- recently renamed to Istaria. Horizons is a game I played for 2 years, spend about 200 game-days in it. (Yeah, 200x24h gaming.) It's the best game for crafting, 99,9% of the in-game items are made by players themselves. Plots are for sale and players build workshops and houses on them. Community is lovely and its a real complex game. Its just aging...

Do you have screenshots from a game we haven't seen often -- or at all? If so, we'd love to see them. Just send them to us at oneshots AT massively.com along with a quick blurb on what we're seeing in the screenshot. Yours could be next!