Finally, DS Lite accessories for Gothic Lolitas

Eric Caoili
E. Caoili|07.23.08

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Finally, DS Lite accessories for Gothic Lolitas

If sewing dark lace onto your system cases and painting your handheld supplements black and pink to accompany your GothLoli look sounds too laborsome and time-consuming, Keys Factory has just the solution for your unique needs -- Infem.In, a new and complete accessory line designed to match your dark Victorian livery.

Available in Japan starting July 31st, the new DS Lite set features a stylus, a card case (which holds 4 carts), a hard cover, a system pouch, an LCD cleaner with a case, and a pair of screen protectors, almost all of them painted black and pink, decorated with hearts and ornate accents. Each item is sold separately, with prices at import shop Play Asia ranging from $6.90 to $14.90.

Interestingly, Keys Factory has set up an official site just for this specific line, offering up a slick Flash presentation for the products, wallpaper downloads, and even a sliding tile puzzle mini-game. The company must have high hopes for this somber set!

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