Guildwatch: "I done runs with him before same then"

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|07.23.08

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Guildwatch: "I done runs with him before same then"

The guild above, Natural Order on Steamwheedle Cartel, has graced these pages before for dramatic reasons, but just to show there's no bad feelings, we're highlighting them in the downed section this week -- as you can see, they were able to topple Archimonde, and that's an achievement for any guild. As long as you can keep progression going, no drama is all that bad.

Unless you run into some of the really harsh drama found in this week's GW, which starts right after the jump. Drop us a tip (anonymous or otherwise) at if you've got news about drama, downings, or recruiting notices from around the realms, and Sargeras-willing, you'll see it here next week.

  • It's invasion of the rerolls, we hear, over on the Skullcrusher realm. First, an Alliance guild showed up with about 200 recruits, and now a Horde guild is trying to match them. Pretty soon, there'll be more transfers on the realm than original players.
  • Humble of Crushridge, once the top guild on the server, has disbanded after their two top officers, Figs and Bene, quit the game. They originally transferred in as Reign and then Fervor, and were known for killing everything in Naxx but KT, and rose to a world rank of 43, poaching, we're told, from other top guilds on the server. M'uru finally proved too much for them, though, so they've called it quits.
  • Our prayers go out to the family and doctors of Officer Jason Fishburn in Indianapolis, who was shot in the line of duty a few weeks ago and is only recovering. Not only is he someone who put his life on the line for the community, but he's also a member of Keepers of the Flame on Anvilmar. Great to see a huge community outpouring for a member in need, not only from WoW players but from the folks in Indy as well.
  • Another cool guild website: Andora's Box. A little simple, and that text is tiny, but looks good to me.
  • The Devious Gadflies of Terokkar are in recovery mode -- their GM was hacked last week, bank plundered and guild completely disbanded. They had to regroup for the time being as the Devious Gadflys, but it didn't stop progression -- they dropped Hydross and Lurker. That's right, their GM got hacked and they were still able to progress. What's your excuse? Leo's on notice for them.
  • Reason, formerly Alliance on Korgath, finally came to their sense and rerolled Horde on Dark Iron and changed their name to Treason. Even long lost members, apparently, who swore never to play the game again have come back from the dead (living?) and started leveling. Kara is on tap -- good to have you back, we guess.
  • An anonymous tipster tells us that ClanDropBears on Khaz'goroth is having trouble keeping members -- about 45 people reportedly show up to T6 raids, and the same 25 people are getting in. The guild had to put together a "no ZA bear runs" policy after one member, already dressed in T6, started taking only his friends into ZA, resulting in everyone else missing out. And people don't (surprise!) like being told that they can't a) go on high-end raids because they're already full, and b) farm gear from another instance. Ah, favoritism -- right there on the list of drama starters between loot and girls.
  • Our tipster is fuzzy on the details but the rumors say that Clan Destined on Kul'tiras suffered a mutiny -- they had almost all of their members (and their entire 25 man team) swiped by three disgruntled officers who didn't always get the drops they wanted because other guild members needed them. Taul, Keric and Gwendeldorf, formed a new guild called MEDIEVAL and are now constantly spamming people of other guilds to join them, when they can't even down Hex Lord. Good luck with the new guild, we guess? There are more peaceful ways of leaving an old guild.
  • Dark Prophecy on Thorium Brotherhood has reportedly dissipated -- after drama between two groups within the guild, one of them split, including some officers who ninja'd the guild bank and formed a guild called SSDD. The previous GM wasn't so enthusiastic about keeping the guild together (rumor is that he may have been in on the breakup), and so the whole thing fell apart. Bummer.
  • Sweetsassy: it's not actually a ninja if they offer to make it up to you, and you post on the forums about it (bumping with your own alt) anyway. "I done runs with him before same then always trys to get it" isn't exactly effective character witnessing.
  • Acies (Sentinels) had been on the server since opening, and were nearly unopposed in picking up server firsts since then. But the boss that finally brough them down? Burnout, quitting, summer blues, and a low recruitment pool from the server population. We're told they called it quits just recently.
  • Chaos on the Auchindouin forums -- Heal the Mages and Synergos are apparently mixing it up. The story told to us is that HtM nabbed one of Synergos' BT raid IDs, and that there was a battle inside the instance (not helped by a GM reportedly griefing with Illidan, which is another story entirely). But some members of HtM supposedly say that some Synergos members sold their raid IDs off, even while members of HtM deny. At any rate, it's a classic case of guild vs. guild drama, and has spawned not one but two pictoral representations (both of which are NSFW, and neither of which, unfortunately, I can post here), and even some bad ASCII art. Still, some folks on the realm are saying: who cares?
  • New Hotness of Frostmane downed Illidan. Sunwell and Kil'jaeden, they say, will soon follow.
  • My Gear is Red on Draenor-H also killed off Illy D, and are also headed to Sunwell. Good luck!
  • ROFLMAO Raiding (server?) has had a busy week first taking down Anetheron and then heading to BT for first kills on Supremus and Shade of Akama. Woot. They're putting Kaz'Rogal officially on notice.
  • Saga on EU Steamwheedle Cartel-A downed Hex Lord Malacrass for the first time a few weeks ago. They just moved on from T4 content and begun by mailing Malacrass' arse to Venezuela. Zul'jin caused some trouble, but he's up next. They're also recruiting to fill up a 25-man raid run for SSC and TK.
  • Natural Order of Steamwheedle are a bunch of drama llamas according to our tipsters, but that won't stop us from congratulating them: they dropped Archimonde in Mount Hyjal. Grats! RoS also dropped later in the week.
  • Dance Commanders of Eredar are rocking it: Solarion, Hydross, Morogrim, and Leotheras have all dropped lately. Fathom Lord is officially on notice, as his head gets taken next. They're recruiting, too: healers healers healers is what they say. But apparently they didn't need them for Rage -- they took him out later in the week.
  • Ethos dropped Teron Gorefiend, and they even sent along the video to prove it.
  • The New Inquisition on Blackhand-A showed up to Black Temple to kick ass and chew bubblegum but they were fresh out of bubblegum (they should have maybe stopped by a Walgreens, except that I think kicking ass was kind of the point for them). In one week Doomwalker, Naj'entus and Supremus all fell prey to their non-gum chewing wrath.
  • MidKnights of Ysera downed Vashj, after three grueling weeks of attempts. They then ducked into TK and one-shot Al'ar, just because he looked at them wrong! And they're recruiting healers and warlocks! They run late-night, kiwi friendly, please be SSC-ready, some t5 experience and gear is preferred, and badge gear must be in order. Apply on the forums.
  • Dauntless of Exodar rocked Vashj, and apparently they did it geared for T5. Very nice, grats to all.
  • Vehemence, a very casual guild on The Venture Co-H has finally cleared Kara. After many personal real life problems, they're finally enjoying the game again. Mags is on notice, Gruul to soon follow.
  • The Bit Players on Lothar-A rolled through Azgalor for another guild first. Archimonde is down to 70%, so he's on notice. Also, their second raid group is pushing through progression, too -- they've downed Leotheras the Blind for a raid-group first. Very nice.
  • Defiant on Greymane is having an amazing week. They took some potshots at Leotheras the Blind and Fathom-Lord Karathress, and down they went! Karathress was a one-shot on a never before tried boss. Solarian also got dropped for another guild first, which means 5/6 and 2/4. Al'ar is on notice, word is their fire Mages need to get the DPS out.
  • Four Lights on Malfurion-A made Archimonde scream, "There are Four Lights!" last week. And Vashj gave in soon after that.
  • Eye Of The Storm on Bonechewer-A downed Mother Shahraz on the 4th attempt of the first night they attempted her. They also dropped the Illidari Council and since they got Illy D to 60%, he's on notice for next time.
  • Systematically Insane on Durotan-A downed Teron Gorefiend for their first time ever last week to finish off their raiding week in style. Grats!
  • Obsidian on Crushridge-A downed Brutallus after months of rebuilding from folks quitting for the summer; it was the first full night of attempts and followed their second straight Kalec 1-pull. Shouts out to their Earth Elementals, and Felmyst is on notice. They're also recruiting most classes, but be good -- they're 3rd on the Alliance side.
  • After four hours of continuous attempts, Progression on Shadowsong downed Al'ar! This brings the guild to 3/6 SSC and 3/4 TK. Leotheras has been put on notice.
  • Champions of Gabriel of Norgannon killed Kalecgos. Grats!
  • Team Boo Boo (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award) on Illidan-H went into Mount Hyjal and on their first attempt downed the first two bosses, even after their healer lost a tank because he had no idea the fight was starting. Fortunately they had some battle res and ankhs around, and the bosses dropped. They're planning on heading back to BT to clear that out before going any farther.
  • Dark Chaos of Maelstrom is now 4/5 Hyjal, 1/9 BT, and holds the server Karazhan record of full clear in 90 minutes (that's fast). T4 and ZA are all on farm as well, but they're also planning on going back and finishing up T5 content.
  • Devotion on Bronzebeard-A downed Mags for the first time early in July, then one-shot him each Sunday thereafter, reaching the goal of three Mag kills set by their Raid Leader before we start SSC. Resist gear is being crafted, which means Hydross is on notice!
  • Absolution on Suramar-A says "Anetheron? More like Anether-Gone!" HA! Ha. They dropped him on their third try. Vashj is almost there, so she's on notice, and since SSC/TK is almost cleared out, it's upwards and onwards to Hyjal and BT.
  • Fate of Cenarius downed Lurker, Hydross and Mag all in the same night this week and still finished up the evening early! They and VR regularly give up the loots and Leothas and Solarian are next on the hit list. Also looking to recruit some more DPS and healers. Hey, you guys have room for a Hunter trying to get to 70? My Night Elf still needs a good home.
  • Silent Redemption on Feathermoon downed Fathom-Lord Karathress within an hour of setting eyes on him. SR made their first few attempts on Lady Vashj soon afterwards; Vashj is officially on notice! Great teamwork!
  • In Vino Veritas, a family guild (as in, greater than 80% of the guild is a blood relation or real-life friend of other members -- lots of vino will do that to you, I think) that began with 5 level 70s and 6 level 1s on the Zuluhed server just over one year ago moved into Tier 6 content last week and proceeded to one-shot both Rage Winterchill and Anetheron. Very nice!
  • Cohesion on Bloodscalp has been progressing well -- they're 6/6, 3/4, 5/5 and 4/9 since mid-June, pretty impressive. They're also recruiting Shamans -- hit up their website for more.
  • Voltron, on Twisting Nether, finally killed Kael'thas in The Eye. To boot, Ashes of Al'ar dropped, which is a first for the server. Grats!
  • Evolution on Moonrunner downed 3 new bosses this week! Al'ar, Solarian and Rage Win-sum-loot have all met the same grizzly fate. Anetheron is on notice for next time.
  • Joint Task Force Two has finally downed Void Reaver, after many weeks of attempts.
  • The Ugly Future on Steamwheedle Cartel dropped Troll-bear-pig in ZA (I'm guessing Nalorakk?). Jan'alai attempts didn't go so well, but they'll be back to take him out. They're also recruiting -- be geared up to the last half of Kara at least, 18+, and ready to raid.
  • Redemption on EU Argent Dawn-A is a relatively new raiding community which started out back at the end of March raiding Karazhan, clearing it pretty quickly. Progression was swift through Tier 5 content, and they've rolled all the way up to an Illidan kill last week, with a swift 6 1/2 weeks from start to finish of the temple. Very nice job. Sunwell is next up, way to see a nice community stepping up into hardcore progression.
  • Fugazi on EU Shattered Hand-H ran a Karathon the other night -- full clear in 3 hours and 40 mins. They're heading to ZA next, and recruiting any class.
  • Carpe Noctem on Aerie Peak-H downed Hydross and Leotheras the Blind over the last two two weeks and took out Tidewalker this week as well. They're also looking for a few good healers for progression raids.
  • Redeemed (Stonemaul Alliance), who call themselves the World of Warcraft's largest Christian guild, finished off Zul'jin.
  • Flinter Spaction on EU Hellfire downed KT, and then even went into BT and one-shot Naj'entus. Doom Walker, Rage, and Anetheron all met their fates at FS' hands also.
  • Damage Control (Suramar-H) finished off the Illidari Council, putting Illy D on notice.
  • Demise of Nazjatar-(A) is recruiting to fill their raid team for Sunwell content. Kalecgos is on a weekly farm and Brutallus is almost down. Real life has hit a few of the members and they are looking for suitable replacements. Tier 6 or higher gear, as well as a decent knowledge of playing your class well is a definite plus. Please be mature, prepared, and dedicated to reaching and defeating Kil'jaeden.
  • New Breed of Blackwater Raiders is looking for a resto Shaman, resto Druid and Warlocks. They have cleared SSC,TK, and are 4/5 MH 5/9 BT.
  • Requiem, a raiding Horde guild on Silvermoon, is currently looking for competent and geared Mages, Warlock, Resto Druid, Resto Shaman, with the possible addition of Holy Paladin. The guild is currently 5/5
    MH, 9/9 BT, with Kalecgos on notice.
  • The Three Hundred on EU Nagrand-H are recruiting. Currently have Kara, Gruul and Maggy on farm and are now looking for guild orientated players to push on to SSC, TK and beyond. "Drama Queens," they say, "need not apply!" Aww, but that's half the fun.
  • A GM of the new guild Already Dead on Vek'Nilash is looking for a core raiding unit starting from the ground floor up. No major gear requirements, but try to be ready for Kara-- that's where they're headed first. Theyve have experience up into 25man content, but they're starting from scratch and working up from there. Hit up the officers to apply.
  • Deliverance on EU Magtheridon is a new guild looking to recruit people of any level and class to work their way up to 70 before Wrath. When the expansion hits, they'll head off into the raiding scene more hardcore, but also focusing on people, not progression. Look them up ingame if interested.
  • Death is Eternal on Black Dragonflight was formed earlier this year and is working towards Sunwell (currently 5/5, 7/9) before Wrath. They are recruiting all classes to beef up the roster -- have your gear polished (enchanted, gemmed up) and ready for T5+.
That's it for this week's GW! Until next week, happy raiding!

Need moar drama? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including a little fantasy drama (that turned out to be a hoax), and this hilarious Vent recording. /Gkicks, /gquits, and ninjas, oh my.
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