Halo 3's Valhalla gets Boom Bloxed

Dustin Burg
D. Burg|07.23.08

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Come one, come all and witness the creation and destruction of Halo 3's multiplayer map Valhalla in real-time, utilizing the building block awesomeness that is Bloom Blox (a Steven Spielberg Wii game don'tcha know).

Watch as Boom Valhalla creator EazyB2189 gives a tour of his Blox creation then attacks it with bowling balls of destruction all set to the comical tune of random Boom Blox sound effects. We know the ancient Forerunners would not approve of the mindless destruction, but for a bored fanboy who is attempting to make it through another Wednesday, the mindless Valhalla destruction is much needed entertainment.

[Via HBO]
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