Alien Hominid owners get alien in Castle Crashers

Dustin Burg
D. Burg|07.29.08

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Alien Hominid owners get alien in Castle Crashers
Guess who's back? Yes, you guessed correctly and on your first try, it's that adorable yellow alien from The Behemoth's Alien Hominid HD and we just learned that he'll be making an appearance in the August 27th release of Castle Crashers. As a playable character at that. Developer The Behemoth confirmed that the alien would be insta-unlocked as a playable character in Castle Crashers for those who already purchased the XBLA release of Alien Hominid HD, but can still be earned by those who don't own the game. Also, per The Behemoth's graphic above (which we totally ninja-stole), there will be a free Castle Crashers theme and gamer pictures come launch week. Big w00tz to that!
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