LotRO's Lorebook updated with Champion class guide

Dan O'Halloran
D. O'Halloran|07.30.08

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LotRO's Lorebook updated with Champion class guide

One of the great online tools for Lord of the Rings Online players is LotRO's recently updated official wiki, The Lorebook. Being a wiki, player contributions were requested and lately the Lorebook has seen more than minor edits. Players who enjoy writing up extensive play guides on the forums are now getting their work spotlighted on the wiki as well.

The latest contribution is a guide to the DPS class, the Champion, by player Aceeka. It's quite an extensive overview of the class covering equipment choices, stances, traits, playstyle and more. It even explores the heavily debated racial skills and how those impact the class.

The other excellent class guide in this section of the Lorebook is the brilliant "What we wish other classes knew about the Champion." Every class has one of these threads in the official forums, but it's great to see this one ensconced on the Lorebook as well. As soon as the Lorebook becomes available in-game, we're going to point every pick up group to this article. %Gallery-27269%
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